Spring is in the Air

It’s the first day of Spring! Spring is all about new life, sunshine, and enjoying the outdoors. We’ve picked out some of our favorite items to help get you in the mood for Spring!

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Hello Sunshine hoop from Thistle and Thread Designs,  magnolia & cucumber Mint candles from Black Dog Candles

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Lilac & lavender soap from Vintage Body Spa, Lilly of the Valley and Lilac perfume oils from Flora

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Leashes from The Dog House, floral alphabet set from B Paperie.

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Earrings by Amy Camarota and leather cuffs by Adelle Rose

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Headbands from Miss Mary Margaret, planters from Bess Vane

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Photograph by Mary Beth Brown, mixed media art by Amy Wiedl

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Embroidery by Thistle & Thread Designs, print by Miss Happy Pink

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Bath bombs by Vintage Body Spa, cards by Mary Beth Brown





Bicycling for Louisville

During the First Friday Trolley Hop tomorrow we’ll be unveiling our new exhibition Inertia. It’s the first exhibition in our new gallery space! The reception will last from 5:30-9PM.

Inertia is all about green transportation and bicycling. As part of the show we are offering 10% of sales from the exhibition that night to support Bicycling for Louisville.

b4lBicycling for Louisville will be providing bike racks that night on South Fourth Street. Block Party is offering a special discount on purchases for anyone who rides their bike to the reception! This is a great opportunity to “go green” and support local art! Bicycling for Louisville’s mission is for a bicycle-friendly Louisville, Kentucky.They believe that biking is a fun and healthy way to get around, and that it should be convenient and safe for everybody in the city. They believe that you can’t have a bike-friendly city without good land-use, healthy citizens, care for the environment, and a thriving local economy! They are advocates for green transportation and also provide education and events. They will be on site at Block Party during the opening reception tomorrow so stop by to meet representatives and learn more about this great organization! ll

Here are some of the other local companies we’re partnering with for this big event!

Parkside Bikes

On Your Left

Vic’s Classic Bikes


This Friday during the First Friday Trolley Hop downtown, we’ll be hosting the opening reception of our new exhibition Inertia. This exhibition is the first in our new gallery space featuring photography and paintings by Block Party artist Mary Beth Brown. Mary Beth and her husband have been car free since 2009 and are advocates for green transportation in Louisville.

Inertia is defined as follows: “Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion. In other words, it is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at constant linear velocity.”

From 5:30-9PM meet the artists, learn about green transportation and meet local businesses behind Louisville’s bicycling scene!

Mary Beth’s work is a celebration of life and the city of Louisville. Her work is also varied – she can go from oil painting portraits to calligraphy to photography with ease. She can help customize your space by creating themed work that reflects the season or an event. Mary Beth graduated from Centre College with a Bachelor of Arts in Painting and French. She has studied abroad in Strasbourg and Besançon, France. She currently resides in Old Louisville with her husband, Eric, and their three cats. After a five-year career in marketing, she has moved on to early childhood education, where she has been taught by preschoolers since 2006. View some of her photographs below!

03inertia_CARDS - 406insta

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