Autumn at Block Party

We love the autumn weather and watching the leaves change into shades of oranges, reds and browns. Celebrate this season at Block Party and get ready for Thanksgiving with these autumn themed items!

photo 2 photo 3

Kristen Warning Photography cards $3 each, Vintage Body Spa pumpkin soap $5 each

Read more to see our guide for all things Autumn!

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Portraits of Nature

This Friday as part of the First Friday Trolley Hop downtown, we’ll have a special exhibition of new work by Mickie Winters! These new works will feature painting on photography and will be on display at the store from 5-11PM. Mickie is a talented photographer always experimenting with new and interesting techniques combining photography with other mediums.

Mickie Winters 1

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Creativity Lies Within Us All

Guest post by Carol Labashosky, Barking Dog Enterprises

This blog is about making a decision to invest in yourself. When you create something new and deem it worthwhile, you are taking a risk. Making art can but doesn’t have to require:

– A B.A. in fine art
– Talent
– Gallery representation

barking dog enterprises

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