Fat Friday with Horrible Adorables!

Horrible Adorables horribleadorables

Join us for our first Fat Friday Trolley Hop celebration at 2916 Frankfort Avenue! We will be presenting brand new work from Horrible Adorables and will be open from 6pm9:00pm. Join us for refreshments, some vinyl spinning, and good times!

About Horrible Adorables:
(not so) Horrible, (absolutely) Adorable

Horrible Adorables are collections of strange and fantastical creatures. They are created by Jordan Elise Perme and Chris Lees, a wife and husband team based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Horrible Adorables initially started off as the brainchild of Jordan, who began dreaming up beasts while completing her BFA in Fiber and Material Studies. Since then, it has become a collaborative venture of shared ideas.

Block Party Handmade Boutique is proud to be the Louisville gallery for Horrible Adorables and we can’t wait to show off these new creatures to you at our brand new location on Frankfort Ave!

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Kate Funk

Some of you may remember when we sold Kate Funk cat cards back in the day with Female Art Collective- well I’m happy to say Kate Funk is back with us now at Block Party- and better than ever! Check out Kate’s story below:
“The story of how my shop started was actually an accident. Around the time that I got AC, I worked at a local paper store here in Milwaukee. One day we were making paper party hats, and I decided to make a tiny one to give to AC when I got home. To my shock, when I brought it home and put it on his head he didn’t seem to mind at all. I have this friend who often calls AC a jerk. (Most people find AC’s personality a bit off-putting since he doesn’t really care for anyone except for me, and he always looks like he wants to kill you.) Her birthday was coming up, so I decided I would try and make her a birthday card featuring the “jerk cat” she loves so much. I made a little cake out of paper and threw together a messy backdrop made with construction paper, glue sticks, and a scissors, and topped it off with AC wearing the party hat I had made him. I was so excited with the result! His look of disdain contrasted perfectly with the bright happy birthday decorations. I liked it so much that I started printing more copies to give to my other friendS—including a fellow friend and employee at the paper store. It was there that the owner saw this card and was intrigued. She asked if I had any more designs. I didn’t, but told her I’d be more than happy to make some. I went home elated and came up with another 5 cards, had a meeting with the owner, and my greeting cards started to be carried and sold in my very first store.
From there things seemed to snowball. I partnered up with my roommate at the time, Brennan Groh, to make “The World’s Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar.” I took the photographs and he did the graphic design work. I attended my very first craft fair ever that same year: The Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. It was amazing to see other people enjoy and admire my work, and to meet fellow artists like myself, who I had no idea were out there. I knew I’d found my people, so I continued to make more designs, get my products into more stores, attend more craft fairs around the country. After 5 amazing years of hard work, I finally was able to quit my day job and devote my life to my dream occupation: Cat Photographer. 


B Paperie

“I’ve wanted to own a design shop for as long as I can remember. Something quirky and beautiful — a place that smells good and is filled with fun things. A place to be inspired; a place where my puppy can run around in a cute sweater. And a place that’s affordable, too! But since my husband’s in school, I’m stuck with a boring 9-5 job instead. I wanted to open an Etsy shop for awhile — a creative outlet of my own — but I was too scared to do it. It’s easy to let doubts fill my heart and keep me from doing what I love — what if no one likes my work? What is nothing sells? What if I’m a failure? In January 2014 I decided not to let those things hold me back any longer! Bpaperie was born and has been a long time coming. I accept custom order via Etsy, and I have plenty to offer locally at Block Party Handmade Boutique as well. And Lucy, my puppy, frequents Block Party with me — so maybe we’ll see you there 😉 Thank you for supporting local handmade artists!”

Beth Crouser – creator of B Paperie