Yellow Door Art Market

Block Party is unique to other retail stores in Louisville. We operate on micro-rental agreements as opposed to just consignment and artists will be working co-op hours in the store. There is a great sense of community and ownership among our artists.   The Yellow Door Art Market in Detroit, Michigan is an example of another store just like us.  Hopefully after learning more about them you’ll have a better understanding about Block Party just like I did.


I spoke with Laura Eckert, Manager for The Yellow Door Art Market and here is what she had to say about the store.

“Before we opened, our owner, April, spent time seeking out artists for the store. She is an artist herself, so she had many connections already, and she also found many of our artists by going to local art fairs and doing a location search on Etsy. Soon after we opened, artists began approaching us about selling their work here, and at this point we have quite a long waiting list of interested artists.

We have a very wide variety of artwork, including photography, ceramics, painting, clothing & fiber wares, garden goods, jewelry, soaps, candles, and much more. We also feature a small selection of Michigan authors, Michigan made food products, as well as a section for student artists (under 18). We don’t offer any classes, but we do have in-store events a few times throughout the year.

The artistic community here is pretty large and close-knit, so many of our artists knew each other before joining Yellow Door, and many of them met through us. They do shows together, they come restock their booths together, and they are all very supportive of one another. We’ve quickly become Metro Detroit’s place to go for unique, handmade gifts, and we were voted “best place to shop for local crafts” two years in a row by Hour Detroit magazine. We blog several times a week, do giveaways, feature an artist each week, send out email newsletters, host events, and are very active on Facebook.”

Below is a picture of the owners Steve and April McCrumb.


Here is a link to take a virtual tour of the store.



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